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Generally, at some point of time due to certain reasons fungal infection develop in our body. At times, fungus makes home inside our nail bed or toe bed. And when this fungus overgrows it turns into nail fungal infection. The common symptoms of fungus can be noticed easily which include:

What is nail fungus?

Commonly, nail fungus is a condition in which fungus grows inside the nail bed and discolors the entire nail from white to yellow. Medically, nail fungus is called as Onychomycosis. Mostly it is caused when the nails are dirty or when shoes are trapped in moisture (foot sweating). At times improper hygiene of the nails also causes fungal infection in the finger nails and the toe nails. Click here to learn more info nagelpilz

  1. Change in the nail color- Generally, during a fungal infection in nails, the color of the nail edge changes from white to yellow. This is one of the most common symptoms that can be seen with naked eyes.
  2. Marks in the nails- Another sign of infection is that, fungus leaves black or yellow or brown stainsinside the nails which can be clearly seen inside the nail bed.
  3. Nail bed thickens- Thickening of the nail plate is another sign of nail infection.
  4. Breakage of the nails- The nails start cracking and will become hard.
  5. Change in shape- When fungus develops inside the nail bed, nail changes its shape and become darker in color. At times you will also notice swellingon the affected area.